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SARA GANNON, Brain enthusiast

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2021

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I am a 3rd year behavioral neuroscience major with a passion for writing, ethics, and all things brain.

I have worked in two labs studying clinical psychology and neuroscience. I love talking about research!

Past Classes

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Neuroethics: Brain-Machine Interfaces in Splash Fall 2019
In this class we will talk about some really cool cutting edge technology in the neuroscience world! We will go over neuroscience basics and then dig in deep to the practicality and ethics of designing computers that interact with the brain.

Brain Modification: Visual Prostheses in Splash Spring 19
If you're interested in learning about the current approaches to curing blindness, then this is the class for you! We will learn about how vision works, the neural processes underlying it, the diseases and injuries that can cause blindness, and how biomedical engineers are currently developing "cures."

How the Brain Smooths Movement in Waterfall Fall 18
From neurotransmitters to muscles, we will explore the neural systems and mechanisms behind movement. Additionally, we will look at what happens when these systems go astray in Parkinson's Disease and essential tremor. ***Knowledge of general biology is assumed

Neuroethics: the Effects of Captivity on Neural Systems and Behavior in Splash Spring 2018
Have you ever wondered how captivity can effect neurological and physiological processes in animals? From humans to zoo animals to lab rats, this class will look at standard underlying neurological processes. In addition, we will take an evolutionary perspective to evaluate the potential consequences of keeping animals in captivity.

Why Birdwatching Isn't Just For Old People in Splash Waterfall 2017
Have you ever tried to pet a wild bird (and failed)? Then this class is for you! We'll discuss and answer many questions, such as: Did chickens really evolve from dinosaurs? How come there are so many pigeons in Boston? And why are penguins so freakin' cute? From ecology to evolution to ethology, this class will touch on the most interesting of all the Bird Facts.

Neuroethics: Memory Modification in Splash Waterfall 2017
Have you ever wished that you could erase those embarrassing middle school memories? Well, you might be able to. This class will cover current (and upcoming) techniques of memory enhancement and impairment. In addition, we will be discussing the moral implications associated with such techniques.