Teachers! Spring Splash 2024 will be held on
Saturday, March 30th in Ryder Hall in person!
Remember to email us your Risk Services forms: 
Self-disclosure  and  51A Certificate

(Note: If you completed the 51A training for Fall 2023 Splash, you do NOT need to repeat it)

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About Teaching At Splash

Teaching at Splash is all about sharing your knowledge and excitement with eager students. As a teacher, you offer a "class" on anything you are passionate about (major, hobbies, etc.). Classes can be in the form of workshops, discussions, activities, presentations, demonstrations, or any other format!

As a Splash teacher, you can:

  • Pick the topic you want to teach and design your "class"
  • Co-teach with your friends or student organization
  • Attend other teacher's classes as a moderator
  • Teach as many class sections as you'd like
  • Request class supplies to help run the class!

If you're interested in learning more in person, come to an information session/workshop, held on the following days:

  • 8:30 pm on Tuesday, February 6, in 204 Hastings
  • 8:30 pm on Tuesday, February 13, in 010 EV
  • 6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 21, in 334 Curry
  • 6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 28, in 018 INV

When is Splash?

Splash Spring 2024 will be held Saturday, March 30th There will be six teaching periods from 9:30am-5:10pm! Check-in begins at 8am, but teachers only need to arrive 15-30 minutes before their assigned class period(s). 

Who Can Teach?

Anyone! Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, alumni, visitors, and many others are all welcome to offer classes!

What Can I Teach?

Our mantra is that you can teach anything! Many of our most popular classes are rooted in academic topics like neuroscience or coding, but we encourage all sorts of classes! Want to provide a guided meditation on the music of Kendrick Lamar? Foster a debate on veganism? Run a workshop on soccer dribbling techniques? Splash classes can be on anything!

Need a class topic or some inspiration? Check out past course catalogs, browse the image below, or shoot us an email!

This being said we have a few restrictions - we do not allow the following:
  • Classes that are deliberately inflammatory in nature
  • Classes that are too inappropriate for high school students
  • Classes that promote a single viewpoint on a sensitive subject
  • Classes that exist to advertise a product or service
  • Classes that exist solely to collect data for outside research
  • Classes that Northeastern Risk Services prohibits 
^If you have any doubts or concerns about your class, please email and talk to us! We review all class descriptions, so we will also let you know if we have any concerns about the nature of your class. 

I'm ready to teach! What next?

Steps to prepare to teach:

  1. Create a teacher account on the website 
  2. Choose a class topic
  3. Register your class (class title, description, # sections, availability, etc)
  4. Submit your self-disclosure and 51A forms!
  5. Prepare your class and get ready to teach!
  6. Attend logistics meeting the week before Splash
  7. On the day of Splash, check-in 15-30 minutes before your class at Ryder Hall.
  8. Teach!

Teaching at Splash can be a low time commitment. We do ask that new teachers attend a brief logistics meeting the week before Splash. More information will be sent via email. 

In addition, Northeastern's Office of Risk Services requires that all of our teachers and volunteers submit 2 forms. PDFs, scanned copies, or photos of printed versions are all acceptable formats. These items are detailed below:
  1. 51A Mandated Reporter Training: Please complete the course and download the certificate of completion. 51A Certification must be renewed annually - this means if you completed the training within the past year, you do not need to complete it again. If you are unsure if your training is still valid, send us an email.
  2. Self Disclosure Form: Fill out all items, ensuring presence of a valid signature. Self-Disclosure forms must be re-submitted every semester.

    We would appreciate it if you emailed us these documents upon registering your classes! YOU are responsible for sending us your documents - we will not accept them if you send them to us through someone else like a club president.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us at nu.neptun@gmail.com!

Thank You!

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