FAQ: Welcome to NEPTUN!


1) Due to Northeastern University COVID-19 protocols, all participants are required to provide either:
proof of vaccination (photo is okay) OR a negative COVID test within 72 hours before the event (on or after Nov. 10 afternoon).
If you are unvaccinated and in search of a COVID test, here are some resources:
Boston.gov testing center mapCVS test center finder

2) All students under the age of 18 who plan to participate must have their parents/guardians complete and submit the following form:
Participation Form
DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THE COMPLETED FORM TO THE EVENT. You may also email the completed form to nu.neptun@gmail.com. This is in accordance with Northeastern University policy; students without the form will not be able to attend the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are we doing to ensure the safety of our students in the pandemic?

We will be requiring masks indoors at all times except when eating and drinking as required by Northeastern University and City of Boston guidance, as well as limiting class sizes. Proper sanitary measures like hand sanitizer and bathrooms with soap will be available to everyone. We will also discourage students from attending if they are feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Q: Do I/my child have to be in high school to attend?

Unfortunately, students who are not in high school, such as middle school students, are not allowed to be part of the program at this time, and we are not allowed to make exceptions to this policy. If you or your child are in middle school, and want to attend a similar program in the Boston area, several schools in the area offer programs for middle school students: MIT has a program called "Spark" (although it runs in the spring only), Clark University offers a Splash program in the spring and fall for students in grades 5-12, and the Splash Program at Brandeis is also open to middle school students as well as those in high school.

Q: Do I have to attend the entire event, or can I sign up for just one class or just one day?

You can sign up for as few or as many classes as you like! You do not have to sign up for a full day of classes, and you do not have to attend both days of the event if you don't want to. (But we'd love it if you did!)

Q: Do NEPTUN classes count for course credit?

Classes are short and intended to be fun and informative. Unfortunately, they do not count for any kind of college course credit.

Q: I'm not from the Boston area, can I come too?

Absolutely! If you can make it to Northeastern on the day of the event, we'll gladly teach you-- It doesn't matter if you're coming from the next block over or five states away!

Q: What should I do for lunch?

We will be offering pizza to all our students at Fall Splash 2021! You can also bring your own lunch, or bring money to buy food nearby. Additionally, as our program is now longer this year, we'll be offering a free snack!

Q: I have a disability, can I attend?

We host Splash primarily in one building, and all floors are accessible by elevator. The pizza we serve at lunch is from Domino's, if allergens are a concern. If you or your parent have any questions regarding a disability, please shoot us an email!

Q: Can my parent come to class with me?

Unfortunately, no. Northeastern University policy requires special training be completed and checks be performed on all adults present at on-campus events involving minors. If you are a parent and would like suggestions on local restaurants or activities, please ask us at registration! If you would prefer to remain on campus, we will have a classroom dedicated as a "parent lounge."

Q: My question hasn't been answered!

If you would like to know anything else at all about our events, please contact us at nu.neptun@gmail.com. We hope to see you soon!

Day of the Event:

Student sign-in opens at 8:30 a.m. Our event will take place entirely inside Ryder Hall (11 Leon St, Boston, MA 02115), and we will have signs directing students from Forsyth Street to Ryder, which is right next door to the Ruggles MBTA station. The final class of the day ends at  5:20 PM.

On weekends, parking is available at Renaissance Parking Garage for a rate of $20 per day. The address of the parking garage is 835 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02115
If you decide to park at Renaissance Garage, you will have to cross Ruggles Station to reach Forsyth Street.
Street Parking is also available on weekends around Northeastern, however it can be difficult to find and most parking meters only allow parking for 2 hours.

Public Transit
We encourage students and parents to take public transportation. Northeastern University is accessible easily from the Northeastern Stop on the Green Line (E Branch), or the Ruggles Stop on the Orange Line. These lines both stop at North Station.


View Larger Map Printable Campus Map Splash sign-in will be in Ryder Hall. By car: Drop-off will be on the Forsyth Street loop (closest to Ruggles T Station). By public transportation: Exit towards Huntington Avenue from the Ruggles T Station. There will be volunteers and signage directing towards the event.

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