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PRITEN SHAH, NEU Splash Teacher

Major: Philosophy

College/Employer: Harvard

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Past Classes

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Cognitive Biases and Social Change in Waterfall Fall 18
We'll cover the common cognitive biases that affect the way people interact with each other in society. What makes up (and breaks down) how people act, think, believe, and react. We'll cover both biases that affect individuals and groups and include interactive activities to help students learn about the different biases by seeing how they themselves often are affected by them.

Liberty or Justice For All: How Far Should the State Go? in Waterfall Fall 18
In this class, we will focus on the dilemmas between liberty and justice that modern democratic states face in making state policy. We will have discussions about how states should make policies in cases where pursuing justice would infringe on individual liberties. This will include a discussion about what are liberties and what is justice. We will then talk about cases like naming children, restricting sugar content in fast food, smoking regulations, circumcision and the banning of religious headwear.

Public Speaking for Private Individuals in Waterfall Fall 18
In this class, we will work with students to strengthen individuals' speaking confidence. We will cover speaking styles as well as effective speech writing. We will spend the second half of the class practicing speaking in front of other people to make sure students get a chance to leave with some practice under their belt.