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Major: Electrical and Computer Engineer

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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electrical and computer engineering @ northeastern
I am a passionate photographer and my ultimate goal is to use my talents to benefit others by contributing to the development of new technologies in space exploration and computer/hardware engineering, through cameras and imaging technology. My qualities serve as a bridge between the creative and technical world - a gap that shows clear need for filling in the industry.

Born and raised in the poorest inner-city community in San Diego, CA surrounded by 52 documented gangs, I have learned first-hand what the gift of opportunity can bring-- and plan to continue inspiring other young people throughout my journey. I am making an impact in my community, as well as others, so our world is a better place.

Past Classes

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Electronics and Soldering Workshop in Splash Spring 2023
Do you ever wonder how your phone works? What about how electronics are made? In this workshop, we'll have fun learning about the basics of electronics; batteries, LEDs, resistors, switches, and more. After a brief introduction, we'll learn to solder, and you will get to solder and take home your own electronics kit. No previous experience needed!