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KUTUB GANDHI, Studying philosophical games

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Hi everyone! I'm a grad student at NEU studying how games can be used to teach philosophy and encourage self-reflection.

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How to be happy in Splash Spring 2022
There's no single key to happiness, but many have tried to find some light in a chaotic world. In this class, we'll look at some of the most famous theories - absurdism, stoicism, buddhism - and use them to think about our own situations.

Cracking Conspiracies in Splash Spring 2022
The earth isn't flat, so why do so many people think it is? In this class we'll break into the psychology of flat earthers, false flaggers, and bigfoot hunters.

You don't exist in Splash Fall 2021
I'm sorry, you don't exist. Unfortunate that you had to find out this way. Are you sure you do? Well, come by and prove me wrong. In this class we'll discuss the philosophy of you, me, and the self. Who are you, what are you made of. Are you sure you're not a particularly clever robot? I'd tell you to sign up, but of course, you don't exist.

Will robots destroy the world? in Splash Fall 2021
Robots may destroy the planet, but probably not like they did in The Terminator. Come find out what future robots will look like, whether they will think like you or I, and whether you should be afraid of them. **This class does not require a computer science background**