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KUMAEL JAFRI, NEU Cell & Molecular Biology

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Kumael is a graduate of NEU Class of 2020, who studied Cell & Molecular Biology. He did his co-op at Merck, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, where he worked on bioengineering projects and was able to receive a patent for his work! He loves basketball, creating viral Spotify playlists, and working part-time as an EMT.

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It's a Gut Feeling: Engineering and Hacking the Bacteria in Your Body in Splash Spring 2021
The bacterial cells in our body outnumber the human cells by 10:1...we are quite literally more microbial than we are human. Engineering the microbiome might help generate potential therapies against thousands of diseases. Is the cure for cancer nested in bacteria? Come learn more about how biomedical engineers and scientists are manipulating these lil critters to produce therapeutic molecules. As a bonus, you will learn how YOU can hack your own gut microbiome!