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TYLER GOGAL, NEU Splash Teacher

Major: Mechanical engineering

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Past Classes

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Mechanical Engineering of the Catapult in Splash Spring 2020
Learn about the engineering behind the medieval siege weapon, the catapult.

Material Science of Medieval Warfare in Splash Fall 2019
Ever wondered about the armor worn by knights and how effective it was in protecting them from the weapons of that time? This session will look at an essential area of engineering called materials science by having students design protective armor to shield a water balloon from attack. In this class you will learn about medieval warfare through an engineering lens. Try your hand at making your own armor! Can you save the water balloons from their fate?

Science Squad presents Science Experiments! in Splash Spring 19
Come do fun hands-on science and engineering experiments with us! All are welcome.