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FELIX MOISAND, Second Year NEU Student studying Business

Major: Business Administration

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2023

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I'm a second year business student pursuing concentrations in information systems, and supply chain management. My personal hobbies include travel, history, politics, and fantasy/science fiction.

Past Classes

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The Armchair General in Splash Spring 2021
Military history is a great way to get engaged with history and practice your strategic thinking skills. In this class we'll take a look at a historical battlefield scenario and vote on the strategies we should employ to change history... or not. I'll do my best to present the scenario with accurate fog of war to limit the benefit of hindsight!

Coup d’Etat: Tips and Tricks in Splash Spring 2020
Promising revolutionary looking to seize control of the government? Aspiring dictator looking to protect yourself from threats against your power? Come join this course that will examine the factors that make countries particularly vulnerable to coups and the mechanics of a coup d’etat, using examples from real-world coup attempts.

The Fermi Paradox: Are We Alone Out Here? in Splash Spring 2020
The Milky Way Galaxy alone has billions of stars and makes up just a fraction of the observable universe. And yet, in the entirety of human history, we have never had a confirmed encounter with an alien civilization. Over lunch one day, famous physicist Enrico Fermi asked the question: “Where is everybody?” In this course, we will examine the basis for Fermi’s question and look at some proposed answers to the question, then open it up to discussion about what you think!

Kaiserreich: What If Germany Had Won the First World War? in Splash Spring 2020
The First World War, and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles set the stage for much of modern European and World history. In this course, we will examine some of the key turning points in the war that turned the tide against the Central Powers, look at the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and other German plans for the post-war world, and hypothesize about what a Central Powers victory may have looked like.

Two Truths, One Lie: Wacky History Stories in Splash Spring 2020
In this course, we will present three wacky, hard-to-believe stories from the world’s history. The catch is: one of them is a lie. Can you separate out the true stories from the fake? After all, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...