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Major: Industrial Engineering

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2022

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TRASH TO TREASURE: A Recycling Workshop in Splash Fall 2021
Do you ever wonder what happens to the paper or plastic you put in the recycling bin?? Or what happens to the waste you put in the trash can?? In this class you will learn about the origins of recycling, where your stuff goes after you throw it away, and tips for ways to reduce your impact on the environment. We will also have an upcycling activity where YOU will be able to turn something from trash to treasure!

Cookie Assembly Line in Splash Fall 2019
Have you ever thought to yourself that there should be an easier way to do things? If so, this activity will be a great introduction to Lean Process Improvement, which helps make processes more efficient and less wasteful. In this activity you will learn the basics of Lean Process in Industrial Engineering by altering a process for decorating a cookie. In this simple activity, you will be able to see how processes can be improved by examining each step in order to determine how work is divided up among employees. While decorating cookies is a very simple process when compared to the ones engineers deal with on a daily basis, it should give you an understanding about how lean process can be applied to your daily life.