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BRIAN JANUZZI, NEU ChemE BS / MechE MS Plus One Student

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Amateur Rocketry Basics: Manufacturing & Launch in Splash Spring 2020
It's not rocket science! Oh wait... it is! (Part 2) We will then talk about the various vendors in the amateur rocketry space, the common East Coast launch sites, and how to actually launch your rocket. This class will jump right into things and won't make much sense without taking Part 1!

Amateur Rocketry Basics: Rocket Science & Design Process Overview in Splash Spring 2020
It's not rocket science! Oh wait... it is! (Part 1) Come to learn the basics of rocket design. We will briefly overview how rockets work and some terminology, review the design of a complex research rocket, and then together build a basic model of an amateur rocket you could make yourself! Take Part 2 to continue the adventure!

Designing, Simulating, and Optimizing Rockets! in Splash Waterfall 2017
This course will go over the basics of rocketry and how to properly use OpenRocket, an open source (free) program that allows users to easily design, simulate, and optimize rockets.