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Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2025

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The Music Theory of Video Games in Splash Spring 2023
And as Link lays his final strike upon Calamity Ganon, the screen panning out to a vision of Hyrule now that the darkness has been sealed away, you sit back in your chair and close your eyes to the familiar, heroic tune of The Legend of Zelda's classic theme... Whenever I hear music from a video game I played as a kid, I'm filled with a sense of nostalgia. From TLoZ to Hollow Knight, Super Mario to Luigi's Mansion, these tracks will always hold a special place in my heart. But what makes these scores so iconic? What makes them so catchy, and what leitmotifs do composers use to connect our minds to a specific character whenever we hear their theme? In this class, we'll go through an overview of the music theory of video games and what makes their music so awesome and impactful! Then we'll have a group activity where we create our own video game plot and try to compose music for the main character! So, what's your favorite video game?