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Major: Eco-Evo Biology & English

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Not Available.

Past Classes

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Engineering a Diode Circuit in Splash Spring 2020
Have you ever had 50 volts straight through the heart? Even if you did, you could be totally fine! Come find out how as we demystify the world of electronics -- we promise we won’t shock you. You'll have a chance to build your own diode circuit using Arduino as you learn about LED, VIR, and (have) FUN!

Intro to Circuits and Coding with Arduino! in Splash Fall 2019
Have you ever looked at a gadget and wondered how it really works? It could've been your phone, a remote-controlled car, or even a robot! Have you ever thought about making a gadget of your own? Where would you even start? The Arduino board can help lead you to some of the answers. Arduino is an inexpensive and flexible microcontroller platform that offers a hands-on approach to creating devices that interact with the world around you. Come learn more about what Arduino is and how you can use it to get a jump-start on your own projects and ideas. In this hands-on workshop, you will get to build circuits and write code to get started on your very own Arduino projects!

Science Squad presents Science Experiments! in Splash Spring 19
Come do fun hands-on science and engineering experiments with us! All are welcome.

Science Squad- Various Experiments in Waterfall Fall 18
Come and learn about all sorts of interesting topics. We will cover 4 different science topics with interactive experiments and demonstrations!