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ALEC CINQUE, NEU Splash Teacher

Major: Accounting

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Past Classes

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Surviving Survivor - An analysis and strategy to winning a million dollar game. in Splash Spring 2018
Survivor is a reality TV show airing on CBS that focuses on being able to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the competition. This class serves to help you understand the game and the strategies necessary to winning the game and one million dollars.

Logical Fallacies - The guide to figuring out things that don't make no sense. in Splash Spring 2018
A logical fallacy on the surface seems like a perfectly crafted argument, but they are not. This class works towards identifying these fallacies and developing a way to refute them so that you can better your debate skills.

Surviving Survivor - Paving the way to winning a million dollar game. in Splash Waterfall 2017
Survivor has been a million dollar reality tv show on CBS for the last 16 years and with it have come countless strategies to winning. This course shows how you can take this game into your hands and walk away with one million dollars.

2+2=5, Understanding and Disproving Logical Fallacies in Splash Waterfall 2017
This course is dedicated towards understanding what a Logical Fallacy is, how to identify them in conversation, and how to counter them effectively.

Surviving Survivor - An in depth look at the strategy required to win one million dollars in Spring Splash 2017
This course will provide a detailed guide for how to play and win the game of Survivor. Based off the TV show of the same name, Survivor is a very complex game requiring physical, mental, and social abilities. This class will hopefully teach you more about how to make the game work in your favor and show you the path to winning a million dollar game.