How (not) to Die in a Chemistry Lab

The virtual version of How (not) to Die in a Chemistry Lab!

Part 1: Intro, Chemical Labeling, and Poisons:

Part 2: Things That Can Burn You

The video of diethyl zinc I mentioned:

Part 3, Explosives and less dangerous stuff:

Something I forgot to mention: most things that go boom contain nitrogen (and so do a lot of poisons), so be wary of strange nitrogen-containing compounds, and always look them up before using them in a lab, if you find yourself in that position in the future.

Podcast on the Damascus Incident:

A great source for learning about even more scary chemicals is the blog "Things I Won't Work With", which is found here: . It is hilarious if you understand a bit of chemistry, and is probably colorful enough that you will learn the chemistry involved if you don't know it already. Most of the stuff in the above videos is practically inert and non-toxic compared to the things in this blog, so it's worth a read.

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